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Work with experienced movers and shakers from medical technology, regulatory affairs and management.

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What challenges do you face in the development of medical devices?

Are you overwhelmed by the vulnerabilities that are being revealed in your organization as part of the MDR transition?

Is your team frustrated by the many regulatory requirements and doesn’t know how to implement them?

Are the required competencies – from product development to approval & QM – available and sufficiently available in your company?

Are you struggling with significant unplanned delays and cost increases on your development projects?

In view of the complexity and multiplied efforts, are you afraid that you will no longer be able to develop innovations in the future?

Do you feel that your company’s growth is too operational and not strategic?

At 3R LifeScience, we ensure that you have full control over the development of your products and your company despite of the coming MDR.


How to use the transition to the MDR as an opportunity for sustainable optimization of your processes and portfolio.

R&D + MedTech Product Development

How to realize innovations in medical technology efficiently and in compliance with legal requirements, and how to make product development fun again.

Quality management & Regulatory

How to achieve your regulatory goals holistically and economically and make quality management a profit guarantor.

Business Developement & Financing

How to gain clarity on your business goal and lead your business to success without detours.

Realize your project in 3 easy steps


It is best to make an appointment today for a free initial consultation.


One of our experts will clarify your requirements and questions with you in the appointment.


If cooperation is possible, we will arrange a workshop with you.

“We understand that the MDR changes a lot of things for you and raises a lot of questions.”

Together with one of our experts, you clarify your requirements and questions. If cooperation is possible, we will arrange a workshop with you.

If you already have clarity about your project requirements and now need support as soon as possible, do not hesitate to call us.

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